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Terrific instruction and world class trainers. Erika is phenomenal. Highly recommend for everyday strength and flexibility workouts as well as for high performance training.

Steven Solomon

(400m runner Australian Champion & Olympic Finalist) 

Started my Gyrotonic journey with a private lesson with Erika. She patiently guided me in doing foundation exercises and I was amazed on how it increased my awareness of my body and improved the mobility of spine and posture. Erika is a Master Trainer of the Gyrotonic method so expect world-class instruction and attention to details. Highly recommended this place!

Edward Michael Sudario

(Pilates Instructor)


Erika Parisi is a passionate, dedicated teacher. The Gyrotonic method is the most sophisticated fitness and rehab exercise system to emerge since Pilates hit in the 1980s.

This studio is one of just a handful in Australia that is dedicated to teaching Gyrotonic and nothing else. If you want the real thing, undiluted, look no further.

Gina Richter

(Pilates instructor and certified myofascial bodyworker)

Erika is a great teacher, and gyro has some unique attributes to tone one's body, like no other exercise regime I know.

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis

I spent pretty much my whole pregnancy at the studio with Erika and I cannot imagine a better way of preparing for birth. I had zero experience with gyrotonic but her classes were perfectly tailored on my body and skills.
Erika is extremely patient and passionate in what she does and she does have so much knowledge on the topic.
Great relaxed atmosphere and positive energy in the studio too!

Paola Piccinno

Erika is a very diligent and sensitive gyrotonic coach who combines extensive knowledge of the gyro technique with a warm personality and great care for the challenges of imperfect bodies.

I would highly recommend her for general well being and remedial treatment.

Christopher Grubb

The Gyrotonic method helps to improve strength and flexibility using gentle rhythmic movement and breathing exercises as well as stretching exercises. 

At Spiral Motion Studio, there is individual care and concern for clients of all ages and levels of fitness, and adaptations are made for specific needs and injuries.

I look forward to my weekly session of Gyrotonic with Erika who gives and coaxes her clients gently through their regimes with professionalism and good humour.

Tricia Mckenzie

Gyrotonic with Erika is great. All the equipment is new, and she is a very professional and fun instructor.

A great experience for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility and agility.

Max Robertson

Spiral Motion Sydney is a beautiful Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Studio for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. I have discovered Gyrotonic over 2 years and a half ago and it has since become my favourite type of exercise replacing both yoga and pilates that I did before. For me it provides the right type of balance between stretching and strengthening and every time I walk out of the studio I feel lighter, stronger, more spacious and more balanced.

If you haven’t done Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis, I guess the best way to describe it is as a combination of movements that incorporate elements of yoga, ballet, pilates, qi gong, tai chi and some others that I have honestly not seen before. Having been a self-confessed Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis devotee for the last 2 years and a half I observed my posture and body shape improve in a number of ways and I can say that I enjoy much better mobility and a much higher sense/feel of my body now, I appreciate it a lot more and know what I can and cannot do and how to not overextend myself and cause damage.
Besides the physical improvements, there are also noticeable emotional and psychological shifts in my presence. I noticed that I am much calmer in general but at the same time more alert and ‘alive’ especially on the days I do Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis.
The Studio Space itself is a lovely light filled, serene environment and it is a joy to exercise in such a comfortable and cosy place.
Erika is a great instructor. She is gentle but at the same time can get you to do things that you never thought you could do with your body (in a good way). She explains a lot of how and why, and if you are someone like me (a bit of a nerd), you will enjoy that. I appreciate very much all her effort and support. It's been a wonderful time for me to get to know the Studio, the instructors (which have become more like friends) and my body as well.
I definitely recommend Spiral Motion Studio Sydney Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis to everybody. It is a little GEM in the middle of Eastern Surburb! 

Tatiana Strelnik

(building biologist)

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