• GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course

In this course, Gyrotonic Trainers learn to apply Gyrotonic movement principles to exercises on the Jumping Stretching Board.


Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer (or) Gyrokinesis Level 1 Trainer

  • GYROKINESIS® Breathing Course Intensive

Gyrokinesis seated and standing sequences (2 hours total) set to a musical score created by Gyrokinesis creator, Juliu Horvath in collaboration with musician, Rodolfo Troncoso. The rhythm and tone of each song in these sequences is designed to resonate with the specific timing, and intention of the movement the song accompanies.


This harmonic synchrony of movement, and music adds a powerful, new dimension to the Gyrokinesis exercise experience.

  • A 30 minute nerve strengthening sequence

  • “Metamorphosis”- a 2 hour breathing sequence

  • A 20 minute dry scrubbing sequence